CIVIL WAR HEAVY EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE,; A Guide to Large Artillery Projectiles, Torpedoes, and Mines

2003. HC. 552pp, 1,016 b&w photos, 8x10; definitive reference on Union & Confederate large caliber artillery projectiles, torpedoes, & mines; covers more than 360 projectiles from public & private collections in smoothbore calibers of 32-pounder & up, rifled projectiles of 4-inch caliber & larger, & 21 Union & Confederate torpedoes & mines; each data sheet shows multiple views of projectile or torpedo with data including diameter, weight, gun used to fire it, rarity index, & provenance; some of these projectiles are from most famous battles, cannon, & attacks against major warships of Civil War;. NEW. Item #101946
ISBN: 1574411632

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