THE HISTORY AND IDENTIFICATION OF COLT ACCOUTREMENTS 1834-1911 PATERSON TO AUTOMATIC,; With Numerous Full Color Photographs and Comprehensive Text

2006. First edition. HC. 255pp, many full color photos, 8.5 x 12; shows diversity of accoutrements that Colt Factory supplied with their revolvers (all revolvers were supplied with bullet mold & combination tool "At no Cost" so that Colt's revolvers had competitive edge over competitors; displays complete lists of accoutrements that were available to public starting with Paterson era through Walker Contract, Hartford Era, Cartridge & early Automatic Eras; to determine which accoutrement belongs in which case, Rapley displays over 100 large color photos of correct, original Colt casings from Paterson era, all different model Hartford Percussion Revolvers, & wide selection of Cartridge Revolvers & Colt Automatics through to 1911;. NEW. Item #106704
ISBN: 1882824296

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